Myth busters 101

Variety they say is the spice of life.

Welcome to Myth Buster with Dr.C. In this segment of LHWDRC , each day or some days we identify a popular myth, work our way around it, and welcome the liberation factual knowledge brings.

Get your sledgehammer ready, take in a deep breath. Exhaaaaaa… No wait!

Leeeeeeeeet’s bust some Myths !!!

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Ever watched the random episode of the hilarious “Think you’re Smart” street quiz that featured John Dumelo? Well he was asked, “How many senses do humans have?”. Oh, how glorious it was for him to spray his magical IQ in front of the camera answering five and without being asked, naming them. Pretty sure Ghanaians pissed their pants in unison to celebrity worship! Nice one John. Congrats on your marriage Bruv! Let’s hang out some time.

How true is this? Do humans truly have only 5 senses? 

Let’s Buuuuuuuust it!!!!

This assumption has been widely critiqued by scholars, especially Harvard Medical School researchers. The popular standard list of five senses doesn’t really give our bodies credit for all of the amazing things it could do.

Humans have at least a dozen(12) senses. Yes you read that well – 12! Let’s learn a few and who knows you could impress your date and get laid. If you don’t, maybe you should floss 6 times before bed. Yiiikes!

The five traditional senses:  Sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation).

Other senses you never cared to read about:

Thermoception– temperature

Equilibrioception or vestibular sense – Balance 

Nociception– Pain 

 Mechanoreception– vibration

Proprioception– the kinesthetic sense .

Chronoception – sense of time.

 Sexual stimulation , Hunger, thirst and many more. 

You can read more on this subject matter : Sense

Verdict : Hopefully you score a lay!(Remember, RAW IS WAR VOL.1) .



Myth Buster 101: Myth #2

Welcome to episode 2 of Myth Buster 101.


Let’s talk precum. Eeew? Alright, hold your self-righteous self for just a minute.

When you leave her place after two hours only kissing

For our dear brothers who are well versed in the art of raw sexcapades. This might be quite interesting.

What is Pre-cum? 

Precum aka Cowper’s fluid also known as pre-ejaculate is the clear, colourless, slippery fluid that is secreted from an aroused penis before ejaculation.

Can precum make one pregnant? Leeets Bust it!

  • Thing is pre-cum and semen all travel through the same route(urethra). Hence a high chance it picks up active spermatozoa(from a previous ejaculate). Research has produced mixed results concerning this myth.
  • Early research debunked the presence of active sperm cells in Pre-ejaculate.
  • The Human Sexual Response by Masters and Johnson’s initially stated that there were “large numbers of active spermatozoa in pre-ejaculatory secretion”. Continued research stated otherwise.
  • Another 2011 study conducted in the United States found that 41% of the 27 participants had sperm in their pre-cum, and in 10 of those samples, the sperm was mobile. Disaster!

What are the chances? 

Precum causing pregnancy is extremely low but doesn’t rule out the possibility of pregnancy.

Takeaway lesson: You could have resilient Mike Phelps Olympiad spermatozoa in your pre-cum. Just wear a condom “Don Brusher”! Dammit. Oops. Sisters too!

Verdict: Better Safe than Sorry.



MyTh Buster 101: MyTh #1

We Start of our premiere Myth Buster 101 session with a bang!

MYTH #1: Humans got HIV though cross-species intercourse with monkeys.

This is an interesting myth that has existed for quite a long long time!
Growing up, in Ghana, the classic story was an HIV +ve horny African ape had wild intercourse with a “white” woman(maybe we watched too much Disney Tarzan??).

From there… Hell broke lose-HIV spread.

Let’s Buuuuuust it!

In 1999, an international team of researchers discovered the origins of HIV-1(the predominant strain of HIV in the developed world). A subspecies of chimpanzees native to west equatorial Africa had been identified as the original source of the virus. The researchers believe that HIV-1 was introduced into the human population when hunters became exposed to infected blood(through ingesting/hunting the chimps).

Although the exact point is unknown, exposure to infected blood is highly plausible than your cross-species bestiality hypothesis.

Verdict : Myth/Balls!





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